2016-02-01 - post 2

While waiting for the case to arrive, I have been trying to get the operating system setup on my work-in-progress laptop. The difficult part, is that the motherboard has UEFI Secureboot enabled. This is proving to be very difficult. I can disable secureboot and it will boot, but when I enable legacy mode, the motherboard doesn't output video. Nothing on the HDMI or the Displayport. For now, that means I was only able to install windows 8.1 on it.. which is annoying. I'll continue to work at it. Also, it would appear I might not be the only person with this issue: The thinkpad x200s casing that I intend to construct this laptop inside of is on the way. I still need to figure out power/cooling once I get that. The current heatsink/fan is much too tall for use in a laptop.

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