2016-02-05 - Switching OSes, and lots of rebooting.

For some time, I have been using QubesOS dual booted with Windows 7. Not on the same harddrive. I have QubesOS installed on a mSATA drive in my laptop, and windows 7 on a 2.5" SSD.
Recently, I have been playing around with PC-BSD. I would like to try replicating what QubesOS is doing with xen, utilizing bhyve, which is FreeBSD's hypervisor.
Before I get that far, I have just been trying to use PC-BSD as a main OS. I got wine working, and Trillian (My preferred messaging client) working on it. When trying to setup OpenVPN, I ran into some issues. Connections seem to work for a bit, but then it seems to just die. I was thinking it was DNS at first, but established connections seem to fail as well.

It will require a bit more investigation.

The day before yesterday, due to some events, I was thinking about age, and getting old. It isn't really something I have associated with, nor do I intend to. I've often stated that you aren't old until you start acting old.  Anyway, while I was thinking about all that, I got an newsletter email from Ken Davis, and it linked to this post:
My approach has been similar, and I'm not really 'that' old yet. That being said, I don't think I want to start being old tomorrow.

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