2016-02-18 - Disable button

Sometimes I wish I could have a disable button for birthdays. Not to escape growing older, that's part of life, but to not have to deal with the day itself.
Birthdays can be quite frustrating. People for expectations about them, and I don't just mean the person who's birthday it is. The people who know that person create expectations about what the birthday-person should be wanting.
It can be quiet stressful.

Yesterday, I setup an instance of The documentation seems to be slightly behind the actual project, which isn't surprising. I was able to get it working though.
Next, I will try and get that to work with xmpp, and irc. If it doesn't work, I will be trying Mattermost out next.
The end goal is to get a chat system that has a state, and user accounts working. I'm pretty sure that with both of those possibilities, I will be able to get something working.
After that, I'll just need to migrate it to the server cluster, and replace the existing IRC server.(or connect it)
If you don't know which server I'm talking about, check out this:

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