2016-03-15 - Can't please all.

Yesterday, I left work early to take my car and get it inspected(Because the state of Texas is stupid).
When I was leaving, my upper boss was at my boss's desk talking to him, and I'd have to walk past. As I was leaving, I stopped to let them know why I was leaving early. I was only leaving  15 minutes earlier than I usually do, just enough so that I could make it there before traffic picked up. My upper boss gave me an.. exasperated look, as if he were completely unhappy about me leaving early.

I made it, got my car inspected, and got the registration renewed. Mission complete.
This morning, when I got in, my boss mentioned my upper boss giving my boss a weird look, and making a comment about me leaving early.

Seriously?? What's the deal?
Multiple times over the past couple months, for a number of projects they have asked me for estimates on time. Then they have ignored my estimates and set deadlines much sooner than they should be.

In all of these instances, I've worked like crazy to make sure that I got the projects done on time. While it was a significant amount of extra effort to complete them in their schedule verses mine, and it could have failed had anything gone wrong, I was able to complete them. Yet I'm giving weird looks for leaving 15 minutes early?? 15 minutes???
You know what else is great? Based on when I got in that morning, I hit my 8 hours at 2:30pm. I normally hit my 8 hours at 2:30pm, but I normally leave at 3:30pm. That's 1 extra hour they get out of me most days. Yesterday I left at 3:15 and got looks. That shows how much I am respected.. not much. (To be fair, the lower boss didn't have any issues with me leaving 15 minutes early.)

The question is, could I have handled this better, or handle it better?
I don't know that there is. There really isn't much I could have done, since I had to get the inspection done.

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