2016-08-28 - Some news..

So, I got engaged!
which is probably why I haven't been making many blog posts, I've been a bit busy.

On the technology front, I was looking at getting a new computer, because I was a bit furstrated with the lack of battery life that my current computer (Thinkpad t430s, with FHD screen). That was really my only complaint with the computer. While a higher resolution screen is tempting, I do like the keyboard on this one as I took a t420 keyboard, that isn't chicklet style, and installed that.
Instead of upgrading to the t460p, I instead decided that I was going to get a battery. I purchased an UltraBay battery, and that has helped significantly. Eventually, I might want to order a couple more, so I can swap them out, but just having one is very nice.

I've also been playing around with a solar panel. My Fiancee wanted to run a pump for her garden, but didn't want to run an extension cord. I suggested a solar panel. I got it in, but now I need to get a power inverter.

I would also really like to get a 100watt solar panel for my car, so I could run my laptop off it. If I got a flexible one, I could attach it to the roof, and leave it there.  Alas, they are not super cheap.

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