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DreamPhase After inventing DreamPhase, a device that allows people to interact with computers through a virtual environment while dreaming, 17-year-old Rachial Williams is now on the run for her life before her invention falls into the wrong hands. Framed for a murder she didn't commit, she is forced to leave the planet to help prove her innocence. With bounty hunters close on her tail, Rachial finds help in an unexpected ally. But will it be enough to clear her name and keep her from being dragged back to her home planet and executed? Download it for free
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DreamPhase: The Controllers

After clearing her name and forming a company, Rachial is finally ready to release her DreamPhase technology to the world. On release day, A spec-ops teams breaks into their server room and installs a rogue computer system. At first they suspect it was planted by the government, who had been pressuring them for more control over the technology. but after further investigation, not everything is as it seems...

Grant's Flight

He was just a pilot, this wasn’t supposed to happen.


Ambitech created a race of genetically enhanced workers called the Jahory. The Jahory turn evil and started destroying everything. One man was able to make them leave, but years later after his death, they return. Who will protect Earth this time?.