Here are some things I have been working on:

    - Automatically remove your saved wifi profiles on your android device. More info

    - Ever wanted to syncronize files across multiple computers, or to a server for backups? AutoSync will let you do just that. More info

Login Message editor.
    - This allows you to easily set a message on the login screen for windows. Here

Spellin Hood(possible title)
    - Spellin Hood is a program that instead of replacing mispelled words, helps you to learn the correct spelling as you type them. you can download a beta of the software Here Just follow the readme for the setup, or it won't work :)

    - Here you can find stuff relating to the Sharp Zaurus.

Morse code converter.
    - Easily convert text to morse code and then back to text. Download

ZuneHD software.
- Currently I don't have any completed Zune software, but if you are looking to write your ownZuneHD.

Hacks and other stuff:
    In windows 7, there are issues with mounting samba shares. This has to do with the computer's hostname/loginusername There is a fix, and after applying everything works. here

Things to come:

Website Checker. -- In-house use.
    -A tool that checks websites to insure that they no one has tampered with them.
    -sends email.

Virtual Screen.
    -Allows a user to set their screen resolution to a setting higher than their video card supports. -- proof of concept completed