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Okay, so I hava a Zaurus pda, (AWSOME) and I spent months trying to get Java running on it.

I thought it would be nice, if I made it easier for the next person.

here is a zip file that you can download. 

okay the firsthing you do is install the .ipk's  Hellozaurus...., and MinIde.

then create a folder where you are going to run everything from.  Lets say "Java". and we will put it on the CF card.

so /mnt/cf/java is your folder.

then extract libs.tgz  -> inside there is a zip file. "" extracte everything in it to your new Java folder.

then move "jikes" into your java folder. 

then open MinIDE.

click on the settings menu. -> then click Compile Command... -> then type in "/mnt/cf/java/jikes -classpath /var/mnt/cf/java" 

it is now all setup, you just need to know how to use it. 

in minide, write your java applet. NOTE: when you see "********" it means the code is starting or ending.


import java.awt.*;

import java.applet.*; 

import java.text.*; 

public class JavaJunk extends java.applet.Applet


     public void paint(Graphics g)


        System.out.println("hello world");

        g.drawString("hello world",75,60);




then save is as

then you will need a .html file.




save it as JavaJunk.html

 then compile your java applet in MinIDE. once you compile it, open up the terminal.

type in: "evm -appletviewer /mnbt/cf/java/JavaJunk.html"

and hit enter. it should open up your program. if it doesn't then I gave you bad instrustions. if so, please email me right way. email me